Wednesday 14 November 2012, 9am–5pm
1D01, Massey University
Student $30 General $50

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Hellicar & Lewis is the creative direction partnership between Pete Hellicar and Joel Gethin Lewis. Their work uses art, technology and design to create ground-breaking experiences that take people into the moment to impart lasting memories. Their projects bring together traditional media, interaction and digital networks to make work that draws people in and keep them engaged.

Joel Gethin Lewis is in Wellington to speak at the Semi-Permanent conference. While he is here he is bringing his skills to run a workshop through Blast at Massey University. His Paper Prototyping workshops
are around trying to work with technology, but thinking about the important things, about the flow of the interaction rather than getting bogged
down in technical details or specifications. For example, you have a Smile
Detector, what are you going to do with that? Results from workshops include a rollercoaster that speeds up when you smile more, or a TV
that keeps replaying comedy scenes until you aren’t smiling any more.